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Why to Join Female Cricket Academy?

Today, there are so many sports that are being recognized, not only in India but also in the world. From kabaddi and volleyball to squash and football, the arena of sports is back onto the screen. However, the sport that has really grabbed the spectator’s attention in recent days is women’s cricket. It’s come alive once again. Not only the sport but also the interest of people in the sport has been growing. The youth have been chasing their dreams. The young girls today, see themselves as someone who would one day be a part of the 11 on the field. The women in blue, their achievements, their game, have been inspiring many to a great extent.


Female Cricket Academy in Mumbai
Female Cricket Academy in Mumbai

Seeking inspiration from these superwomen is what led to the establishment of FEMALE CRICKET ACADEMY.

In India, there are cricket academies in so many parts of the country. Female Cricket not being so popular until recent times, most of these academies specialize in men’s and boys coaching. Female Cricket Academy, however, focuses on the young girls who dream of being a part of the 22-yard circle wearing the blue jersey. The aim of the academy is to provide the best possible training to aspiring cricketers and nurture their cricketing journey. Our founder Mr. Vishal Yadav, opened the academy with the objective of helping the youth to chase their dreams in the arena of cricket.

Female Cricket Academy was established in Mumbai in November 2017. An amazing response is what led us to open academies in places like Kolkata as well. A journey that started with only 5 young girls, today, is 40 strong! Our head coach, Gargi Banerji, brings a combination of experience and skills to the table. The academy aims to make female cricket more popular in India. It also aims to make parents more aware of the same so that their children can take a step further to achieve their goals. The academy along with highlighting the talent of women also appreciates the difference that they make in society.


Female Cricket Academy Friends Forever
Our Players at Female Cricket Academy

The girls not only get the opportunity to interact with some of the star players but also get insights from them. Coached by some of the best players, could these young dreamers ask for better?

The matches and events organized by the academy aim to create awareness about women’s social and practical issues, such as domestic violence, lack of education, and health practices. We believe that cricket can be used as an essential medium to drive positive awareness and throw away these aforementioned negative elements from society.

The Female Cricket Academy holds summer and monsoon camps. The former is held from April to May and the latter from June to October. The regular camps are held from November to March.

The academy is the only one that conducts camps during the monsoons! Along with enjoying the rain, we make sure that our team enjoys the essence of the sport during the season as well!


Female Cricket Academy in Mumbai and Kolkata
Female Cricket Academy in Mumbai

To us, the fitness of youth is considered to be very important. To ensure the same, we also organize health camps for the girls in partnership with HealthKart.

The Female Cricket Academy only looks to make sure that all the superwomen of our country get an opportunity to live their dream. To give them opportunities and to train them well not only as a player but also as a person!


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